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Confiture Parisienne

Confiture Parisienne Lady Marmalade jam

Confiture Parisienne Lady Marmalade jam

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The only jam factory in Paris, they still cook in copper cauldrons, in an artisanal way and with beautiful quality fruits and in ultra generous quantities in their pots!

Slightly syrupy texture like a fruit caramel, a few grains of passion fruit have been kept to give a little crunch, it's delicate in hibiscus, it's acidic but not too much, it's original and a taste of a wishful come-back! Wonderful on a fish carpaccio, in a vinaigrette, in a natural yogurt, on a chocolate mousse or even on a fresh scone.

Ingredients: Passion fruit, exotic fruit juice, lemons, infused hibiscus leaves, unrefined cane sugar.
Prepared with 60G of fruit for 40G of unrefined cane sugar.


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