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Caribou Magazine (Receive)

Caribou Magazine (Receive)

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In this 18th number, Caribou:
- questions the history of the etiquette;
- is interested in the Japanese art of hospitality;
- goes to meet millers all over Quebec;
- tells the story of dishes to share that are well anchored in our culinary habits;
- addresses the essential role of food banks;
- wonders what the design of our kitchens says.
Also in this issue:
- we talk about good manners and table etiquette with Lesley Chesterman,
Josée di Stasio and Kim Thúy;
- we meet Normand Laprise and Christine Lamarche du Toqué! – who celebrates
this year its 30th anniversary – in order to talk about the evolution of catering;
- our columnist Christian Bégin talks about the act of receiving;
- and author Catherine Ethier explains why she hates entertaining.


Ecrit en français

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