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Le Nutritionniste Urbain

Le Nutritionniste Urbain Seeds box

Le Nutritionniste Urbain Seeds box

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Seeds harvested, hand-selected and grown in Quebec, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, free of right and reproducible

Salsa collection: Tomato Dix doigts de Naples - Pepper Ring of Fire - Tomatillo Purple - Coriander Santo

Tomatoes collection: Tomato Moskovich - Tomato Black Cherry - Tomato Yellow Peach - Tomato Bumblebee (mix)

Wild herbs collection: Field daisy - White mourning - monarda fistulosa - wild thyme

Quebec heritage #1: Grand mere bean - Tomato Mémé de Beauce - Tomato Petit Moineau - Montreal melon

Native plants for bees and pollinators: Agastache fenouil - Asclépiade commune - Héliopsis faux-hélianthe - Monarde fistuleuse

Classic vegetable garden set: Basil genovese - Canada Crookneck - Dwarf beans - Kale Blue Curled Scotch - Ice Queen lettuce - Canabec rose tomato - Sun Drop tomato - Sunflower

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