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May monthly box

May monthly box

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[Deadline to order: May 28]

Discover the seventh edition of our monthly boxes with a green house theme to do a more environmentally friendly spring cleaning! To offer or to treat yourself!
You can find there:

A cleaning wipe that replaces paper towels (QC)
Made from cotton and tree pulp, it is 100% compostable. A wonderful alternative to paper towels, it replaces it everywhere: wiping counters, soaking up spills, cleaning your appliances, etc.! And it's dishwasher and washing machine safe so you can reuse it again and again! If you are curious to know even more:

Set of 3 compostable sponges (CA)
Made from wood cellulose, they will perfectly replace conventional synthetic sponges and last between 6 and 12 months. They are dishwasher safe to make them last time and time again and are compostable!

Set of 3 dryer balls (CA)
Made from compressed wool, they replace fabric softener wipes that are sometimes very chemical. They soften the laundry, but not only that! They will prevent static electricity and reduce creasing but also reduce drying time by up to 25%. Put a few drops of essential oil to give a nice fragrance.

Lemon essential oil (CA)
To spray on your dryer balls or to perfume your natural cleaning product preparations.

Set of 7 clothespins (MX)
Real, practical and sturdy clothes pins that will last and last!

Shipping only to Canada.

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